A pleasure to meet you!

M&B Veterinary Clinic is the only certified veterinary medical centre with the status of Clinic in the Yambol region and for the past 20 years has worked hard for the establishment and continuation of a precise veterinary practice.

As part of the “M&B-Yanko Mitev” firm, We possess a sense of duty to our founder’s name and meet our clients with utmost professionalism. Regardless of the great amount of experience behind us, We continue to strive toward improvement and perfection, with our main goal being the provision of high quality medical care for all animals, without forgetting to pay them the necessary respect and give them the love they deserve.

Dr. Yanko Mitev established the “M&B Yanko Mitev” firm in 1995 and was one for the first veterinarians to develop medical care for small animals in the Yambol region. The firm has since expanded and now also deals with trade and import of veterinary medical drugs and supplies, as well as the breeding of purebred sheep and rabbits.

Our clinic is located in the centre of the city of Yambol, in a serene corner under the shade of tall old plane trees.
Every animal that has walked though our front door will be fondly welcomed by our specialists, who will attentively listen to each worry the owner has. As they await their turn, clients have the opportunity to rest comfortably in the clinic’s waiting room or to browse the many items being offered on display – specialized food, treats, collars, clothing, shampoo, dental care items and many more.

At M&B Clinic We can carry out a number of highly specialized procedures, one of which being ultrasonography. This is a widely-used harmless diagnostic method, through which the doctor looks within the body without the need for sedation.
M&B Clinic is the only medical facility for animals that possesses an X-ray and a certified specialist, capable of working with it. The X-ray’s radiation is minimal, which makes it harmless to both people and animals.
Apart from looking within, the veterinarian must be capable of seeing beyond what can be observed in plain sight. With the help of a microscope many unnoticeable by other means changes can be detected.
What you sow is what you reap. By growing microorganisms in Petri dishes We can establish the culprit behind the disease and with an antibiocogram – their resistance to different medications.

With or without wondrous state-of-the-art equipment, nothing would be possible without the existence of trust between colleagues.
Our team is made up of amiable and ethical individuals, who on the path of bettering their skills never forget or underestimate the importance of unity and concurrence within the group.
Each day We open our doors wide for You, with whom we have known each other for ages or have yet to meet, and
are ready to answer every question or call for help.