Emergency Situations

From what We have seen over the years, pet owners believe that an emergency is every situation which causes discomfort to their animal or change in their normal behaviour.

From a medical point of view, an emergency is a life-threatening situation, which requires immediate medical assistance.

Emergency situations can be classified into two categories: acute and chronic.
Acute emergencies emerge spontaneously and often are unprecedented for the owner events. They include:

  • Heavy injuries, accompanied by massive bleeding, difficult breathing and broken bones.
  • Allergic reactions ( from food, insects, reptiles and so on).
  • Intoxication with chemical substances.

Chronic emergencies occur, because the owner has not sought medical attention on time, thus allowing the condition to deepen in severity and threaten the life of the pet. This category includes conditions that:

  • proceed with continuous vomiting and/or diarhhea.
  • have lead to absolute exhaustion of the organism.

Giving birth is not an emergency situation.
It is a physiological process and in the majority of cases occurs without incident.
When the animal can not give birth on its own or when a Caesarean section is necessary the situation becomes an emergeny.

When and emergency happens, do not wait! Bring your pet to the clinic immediately!
When possible, please, call our emergency hotline beforehand, so We can be prepared to adequately meet your case.