Happy Dog is the second most pet food brand in Germany.

They began its production in 1965, but their roots go down even further – to 1765 with the family of a miller that to this day continue running the firm. The company prides itself with the use of high-quality meat and grain from local Bavarian farms, their distinct trait being the use of herbs for strengthening the immune system.

Beef and Rice

NaturCroq with beef and rice

For dogs with normal energy requirements. Rich in animal protein, corn, rice and vegetables.


NaturCroq Balanced

For dogs with high energy from all breeds. Having special yeast extracts, it affect the digestive system positively and can be fed to dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Lamb and Rice

NaturCroq with lamb and rice

For dogs with a normal energy requirements. Suitable for those sensitive to other types of meat and with sensitive stomachs. Contains corn.

Light food


Especially for overweight dogs and those with a tendency to gain weight. With just 7% fat and 25% protein.



With a Mediterranean essence, this food is perfect for neutered and sensitive dogs. Gluten free.

baby starter

Baby Sterter

Perfect for weaning a puppy from 21 days of age.

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