For a tree to stand tall what matters is not only the strength of its roots,
but also the soil on which it grows.

In our current day and age, the world has become a whirlwind of exuberance, where change and progress rapidly cut through anything that had the chance to become a stable norm. This wondrous freedom of exchange, however, often makes it arduous for micro- and small businesses, focused on home-made goods and services,
to make contact with potential customers.

Despite having no business contracts with them,
we at “M&B” Clinic are not indifferent to the fate of the community.
Thus, we offer our site as a platform to certified local businesses, so that they may display their hard work to anyone in search of bio-friendly goods and services.

Local Production

We are what we consume.

What you include in your daily meals, as well as how and when you have them, is vital for your resistance against seasonal diseases and for the battle against the scourges of the modern age – obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and more.
When confronted with bad quality or uncertainty in the big supermarket chains many people search for
home-made, clean, bio-friendly produce.
In response, we present the diligent farmers of our locality, whose devotion and hard labour know no bounds.

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Placing your information on our site is completely free of charge! If you wish to be given the chance to display your work, please, contact us!

Local Services

A well known worry for a number of pet owners is planning out their vacation,
as it can be rather vexing when being unable to find a person to take care of their animals or a resort that allows them.
We at “M&B” Clinic are here to respond to your distress by bringing you the local pet hotels and caretakers, who offer security,
comfort and pampering to all of their clients in the absence of their owners.

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