Healthy food for your pets

All animals are open dynamic systems and the food they consume affects their entire body and well-being. A number of conditions can be cured with the consumption of specialized food and proper daily rations alone, while improper feeding and frequent change in the given food can easily lead to gastrointestinal disruptions that may become chronic if not treated.
Our pets have vastly different nutritional needs and digestive capabilities from humans. Ofttimes their bodies can not assimilate that which their owners consume on a daily basis, making many widely-used ingredients, such as spices and large quantities of sugars and fats, inappropriate and dangerous, especially for the small and young. Overburdening their organisms with these substances can lead to heart, lung and kidney insufficiency, the formation of stones in their excretory system and many other life-threatening situations.

The most common cause for our patients to suffer and be brought to the clinic is improper feeding.
Because of this We strongly suggest that you follow our advise regarding your pet’s diet, because they have no choice but to take what you give them.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a French company founded in 1968 and is one of the leaders among pet food bands in the world. They take under consideration not only the age and physiological condition of your pet, but their breed as well. Their three founding principles are:
1. The physiology and biology of cats and dogs must be studied and regarded highly, in order for the company to grow.
2. No veterinarian or university should be capable to refuting the nutritional arguments of our specialists.
3. We must treat cats and dogs with knowledge and respect, not humanize them.

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is an American company founded in 1929 by Dr. Mark Morris – veterinarian and father of small animal wellness nutrition in the USA. Their goal is the creation and advancement of medical and especially life-prolonging pet food. Their products are divided in the following categories: prescription diet, science plan, vet essentials, ideal balance.

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Virbac is a French veterinary pharmaceuticals company founded in 1968 and is the eight largest of its kind in the world. Other than their wide range of medical drugs, they produce both specialized and everyday food products, their distinct trait being the minimal or no amount of substances from plant origin.

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Happy Dog

Happy Dog is a German company that produces dog food since 1965, but its roots go even further – to 1765 with the family of a miller that to this day continue running the firm. They are the second most popular pet food brand in Germany and use high-quality meat and grains from local Bavarian farms, their distinct trait being the use of herbs for strengthening the immune system.

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Prof Pet Corporation

Prof Pet Corporation is an international organization with their headquarters located in the Netherlands, with offers high-quality pet food under three different brands: KiS-KiS, Kennel’s Favourite and PRO-VET.

At the moment the following is available at our clinic

Dry pet food is the best choice for your animals for a number of different reasons. Each piece of kibble encompasses a balanced compact mass of all of their nutritional needs. It fulfils not only their energy requirement, but also presents them with nutrients necessary for active growth and health maintenance and, depending on its shape, also aids in the prevention of dental problems.

Any animal will eat that, which it has been taught was edible when it was young. Cats and dogs do not possess a well-defined sense of taste, however, their noses are exceptionally keen on catching delicate odours that We are incapable of detecting. They will prefer human food not because it’s tastier or healthier, but because it smells good. If they get used to consuming your food, the consequences may be dire.

Obesity is a condition that affects every function of the body. The animal easily becomes weary during a walk and refuses to move, which in turn results in muscle and bone impairment and difficult breathing, thus further diminishing the desire for exercise. In later stages this leads to heart and liver dysfunction.
The pet often dies at an age twice as young as the age it could have reached.
The consumption of human food by pets also leads to the formation of stuvite uroliths and bladder stones, which hinders the excretion of urine. This is favourable for the emergence of kidney disorders, diseases in the excretion pathways and autointoxication, since toxic waste can not be disposed of with the urine.

Teaching your pet to eat kibble food requires patience, because it requires time to get used to the smell and shape of its new meal. Start by mixing a small amount of kibble with broth or with the food that the animal has consumed until that point. With every meal increase the kibble in favour of the other part until there is barely or no addition left. This gradual transition not only decreases the likelihood of rejection by the pet, but also prevents disturbing the gastrointestinal tract.

If your pet continues to refuse eating kibble food after numerous attempts, you may feed it with boiled meat, vegetables and rise, but without a single spice, not even salt. This diet is recommended for animals with allergies and senior animals.