Supreme cat food with high-quality protein, taurine extract from Yucca schidigera and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Free from excess sugars, caramel, soy and other unhealthy ingredients.


Ocean Selection

With herring, salmon and chicken.

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Foul Selection

With chicken, duck, turkey and goose.

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Lamb Selection

With lamb, chicken and herring.

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With chicken and herring.


Kennel’s Favourite

High-quality dog food with 96% meat and without excess sugar, caramel, coy and other harmful ingredients. This brand offers a large variety for working and athlete dogs.

Petit Puppy

Petite Puppy

For puppies until 10 months of age, who will normally become no more than 4 kg as adults. Can be fed to pregnant and nursing dogs.

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For puppies from 4 to 16 months for medium and until 18 moths for large breeds.


With salmon

Canned food with salmon, chicken, potatoes and grain.


With chicken

Canned food with chicken, potatoes and grain.


With chicken liver

Canned food with chicken liver, potatoes and grain.


With beef

Canned food with beef, chicken, potatoes and grain.

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