Life is the result of infinite evolution
and its continued development depends on our determination towards a better future.

Not all pets can be cared for by certain people.
Limitations can come in the form of allergies, available space, free time and many others.
On another hand, sometimes it is expected for the pet to join the active lifestyle of their owner and to work together with them for the completion of different tasks. This requires a certain temperament and genetically determined capabilities.

Understanding these circumstances, We at M&B Clinic present you with some of the most trustworthy and adept breeders in the region. Each and every one of them treats their animals with tender love and care and makes sure to preserve and stimulate the traits that are typical for the animal’s category and breed.


Male and female chihuahua. Born on the 19 June 2018.
Price: 850 lv.
Martin Mitev
number: 0896512975

Male black husky. Born on the  10 May 2018.
Price: 850 lv
Dyanka Slavova
number: 0894360634


Two female persian kittens at 2 months of age.
Price: 100 lv
Donka Angelova
number: 0896830233

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