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A doctor is not a mere healer, they are one of the unifiers of society.
At “M&B” Clinic we believe that veterinarians must not only cure animals of their illnesses,
rather, they must also help them after recovery by offering a helping hand to their owners or by finding them a new home.


Not all animals are fit for certain homes. “M&B” Clinic helps you in your search by showcasing the breeders we keep in touch with.

Made at home

In order to help our clients,
both those who search and those who offer, “M&B” Clinic presents an opportunity for local farmers and businesses to display their products and services.


Not all animals are lucky enough to be born with a pedigree or into a loving home, but there is still hope for them. Please, help them find happiness.

Placing your information on our site is completely free of charge!
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